Sunday, 21 July 2013

Building trust among each other to ensure better teamwork

This research is related to relationships. It aims to :

1.Are relationships in our school acceptable?
2.Do students seem to bond well with others?
3.Are any type of obstacles in the way of the relationships found?
4.Are people willingly staying away from bonding with others?
5.How can we improve the relationships found thus far?
6.Will the relationships found last long?
7.Are these relationships for a good or a bad purpose?
8.How do we mend the relationships broken?


How to gather data?

How to collate data?
Google drive data where the team can look over easily.

How to sift and sort the data?
Half the team will look over the data in a timespan of 3-4 days.

Data analysis:

1. How to analyse the data?
Set out certain requirement so as to make the language use in the responses appropriate for our research.
2. How to present the data?
Record the data in a google drive document.

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