Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Task 1 & 2 by Thomas

Big idea: Behaviour
Rising dengue rises
The case of dengue is rising, with a total of up to 12300 this year. This year has been the year with the highest recorded number of dengue cases, and with four deaths already. This epidemic has become so serious even though it can be prevented. If all of us do our part to clear all stagnant water around our house, dengue mosquitoes cannot breed and it would eventually die off. Unfortunately there are some people that are not doing their part in clearing all stagnant water and allows dengue mosquitoes to breed there, endangering the lives of innocent people. 
How can we  stop this dengue epidemic?
What are ways that we can do prevent dengue mosquitoes from breeding?
Were are the potential dengue hotspots in Singapore?
Sources: http://www.dengue.gov.sg/subject.asp?id=73

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