Sunday, 4 August 2013

How trust affects teamwork


Aims Of Research:

This research is related to the relationships bound in SST.We aim to find out the positives,negatives,the obstacles and boosters in the relationships built by the students,and think of ways to mend broken ones.

Subjects of study:

This research will study a group of friends, those who have been together for a while now and that have done a few projects together.

Relevancy of search:

1.Our research is important as it will point out the mistakes often committed in relationships and point out how we can mend them to have a positive bonding experience in SST.

2.With students,teachers and staff bonding with each other without hesitation,our community will be strong with each others trust safe and sound.We will not have any negative energy surrounding us,which proves that we have the ability to make this a better place.

3.The research will get rid of hate,negativity towards a person and will learn to forgive and forget unwanted problems.

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Feasibility and Manageability:

Yes,this is manageable as a simple survey on how our school resident’s relationships are affected will determine the problem and traveling further than our school is not necessary.



We would collect data through surveys such as google form or survey monkey and interview students from SST that has done projects together. We would write down our findings in a Google Document and sort out the problems.

Perspective survey will be used in determining the trust in relationships affect teamwork

Data analysis

Analysing the data

We would collate the data in a Google spreadsheet and pluck out the problems from the survey and the interviews.

Presenting the data

We would put it up into a keynote or google presentation and also make a video on it.

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