Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Topic Write-up

                                                Food Wastage

           Most of us eat the three meals of the day: breakfast,lunch and dinner.Although some of us  do not have the time to eat a hearty breakfast, we make up for it by eating more for lunch or dinner.This might result in food wastage.A common problem some of us fail to notice. We live too comfortably to notice that the food we waste at some meals amount to a ton in a year. 88% of the adults in Singapore care about food wastage but only 27% leave behind a clean plate after their meals.The other 72% will feel guilty about wasting the food.


COE at high prices

Many Singaporeans would wish to own a car as it provides easier access for transport instead of looking for the nearest bus stop or train station. But given the high price of the COE(certificate of entitlement) , is it still possible?
Recently, the prices of COE is about $70k, that's almost the price of the car itself. If you include the COE, it's like paying the price for 2 cars.
Compared to in 2007 when the prices were ranging between $14k to $18k. 
Judging from a person who earns $10k a month and save $9k of it for the car, it would take that person around 15-16 months to save that sum. But given the taxes and spendings of an average person, $1 000 is not enough.

Task 1 & 2 by Thomas

Big idea: Behaviour
Rising dengue rises
The case of dengue is rising, with a total of up to 12300 this year. This year has been the year with the highest recorded number of dengue cases, and with four deaths already. This epidemic has become so serious even though it can be prevented. If all of us do our part to clear all stagnant water around our house, dengue mosquitoes cannot breed and it would eventually die off. Unfortunately there are some people that are not doing their part in clearing all stagnant water and allows dengue mosquitoes to breed there, endangering the lives of innocent people. 
How can we  stop this dengue epidemic?
What are ways that we can do prevent dengue mosquitoes from breeding?
Were are the potential dengue hotspots in Singapore?
Sources: http://www.dengue.gov.sg/subject.asp?id=73

Monday, 8 July 2013

Task 2:Potluri Sai

Big Idea:Relationships

The relationships formed within our friends in school are part of our daily life.We need to ensure that this may not be broken,as we spend most of our time in school with them,and them only,as a close acquaintance we can trust.Spending more than half a day with anyone you cannot trust is not possible,well at least for me it isn't.Part of friendly relationships include forgiveness.Without forgiving and forgetting our mistakes,relationships can not be maintained.And without a relationship supporting you by your shoulder,you would not have anyone to talk to,yet empathise.

Thank You.

Task1:Potluri Sai

Big Idea:Relationships


1.Are relationships in our school acceptable?
2.Do students seem to bond well with others?
3.Are any type of obstacles in the way of the relationships found?
4.Are people willingly staying away from bonding with others?
5.How can we improve the relationships found thus far?
6.Will the relationships found last long?
7.Are these relationships for a good or a bad purpose?
8.How do we mend the relationships broken?

Thank You.